Digital Women (2013-Current)

Digital Women(DW) is a networking group at Iowa State University for women in technology related fields. We host several work shops including resume building, circuitry project development, computer hardware/software studies, and more.
A popular yearly activity is the Grace Hopper Conference(GHC) where we take a group of girls to GHC free of charge. We do so by acquiring funding from several different companies, including TI, Garmin, Union Pacific, and others.

Vice-President/Membership Chair/Web-dev(2013-2014): As the vice-president of the club, I was responsible to take lead whenever the president was not available. This included performing workshops, interview prep meetings, and helping our treasurer to search for funding.
I was also responsible for keeping track of all of the club members and maintaining the group's website.

Board Member (2014-Current):As we have been receiving more and more new members, I decided to let some of them have a go at being exec members, considering how good of a learning opportunity it is. As such, I am currently just a board member,my responsibilities mostly revolving around helping the club whenever it is needed.

Audio/Arduino Club (2015)

The audio/arduino club is a fairly new addition to Iowa State. The club is basically a weekly workshop for the arduino and audio related circuitry. Every meeting, a teacher or one of the students will show off a new project or just talk about a cool feature they discovered while trying to hack a device together.

I actually began developing my #raveParty project in one of these meetings. The audio/arduino club is definetly a good source for inspiration.

The older brother of #raveParty. A basic headphone amplifier... in an altoids case. Minty fresh.

International Ambassador Scholar (2012-Current)

I work closely with the international students services office at my school. As an international ambassador scholar from Brazil, I help to promote Iowa State University to potential Brazillian students. This includes visiting schools whenever I go back home and answering emails related to doubts and concerns about living in the US.

Random Art Stuff (2014-Current)

I've always been interested in art. Figured that since I am unable to play an instrument, I had to at least do something artsy.
I began selling prints after posting art on facebook for a while. Currently Im planning on expanding over to Redbubble.
Nonetheless, one of the things that I enjoyed working on the most was creating splash pages for a friend's (fantastic) D&D inspired book, called Solipstry. Seriously check it out, the book is incredibly well made.

A few of my available prints.
Click for better view.
A few of my available prints.

Latinas in Computing (2014-Current)

Latinas in Computing is a group that developed with the help from the Anita Borg Institute for Women in Technology. It slowly began to grow over the years and now has over a hundred members all over the world. Its a good networking group for latinas, having many very supportive members, who are always willing to share their experiences from the industry.



Contact me at: flaviarc[AT]iastate[dot]edu