ISU Garage Sale


ISU Garage Sale

Technologies used: PHP, HTML, CSS, javascript, MySQL

ISU Garage Sale was a software development class project. In this class, a four person group would come together and develop a project over the course of one semester.

ISU GS was a "buy and sell" website/android app where students would be able to use a type of bartering system to trade used materials such as books, art supplies, and lab materials. For security and time-constraint reasons, this system does not deal with money transactions, but instead focusses on bringing interested students together. Students could haggle with potential buyers as well as offer trades instead of live money.

The above video demonstrates all of the possible functionalities of the website.

None of us had much of a distinction amongst roles. Everyone did the first thing they could get their hands on. Albeit we weren't very organized but our group, luckily enough, ended up being so good that we didn't have much of a problem knowing how to better complement the work of the other.

Its been a while since I took this class so I'll probably end up forgetting some of the functionalities I developed. I was mostly responsible for web app including part of the database design, login function, buy/sell functionality, image and file uploads, user profiles, front end design, ect...

For a better view of our design/poster presentation, click here

Sadly the university did not allow us to put the website live, as they were worried about having a website linked to the university but not directly controlled by the university.



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