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Technologies used: pure circuitry

#raveParty is a headphone amplifier with frequency detection made from scratch. It may look a bit hacked together (which it is), but don't let that fool you. #raveParty can make any song dazzling to watch.

Its main components include one non-inverting amplifier, 1 bass frequency filter & 1 bass peak-detector (around 100 Hz), 1 mid-range frequency filter & 1 mid-range peak-detector (around 1200 Hz), and 1 high-range frequency filter & 1 high-range peak-detector (around 5700 Hz).

The color LEDs correspond to the following frequencies: blue/purple-> bass, red/orange-> high, and yellow/green-> mid.

The video on the right depicts a demo of #raveParty at work. As I did not have a small boom box at the time, I had to use my computer to "simulate" what could be heard from the headphones.

#raveParty's design and instruction on how to recreate it will be posted to gitHub in the future.



Contact me at: flaviarc[AT]iastate[dot]edu