Paper Based Microfluidics for Energy Applications


Mechanical Engineering Researcher (Spring 2012 - Fall 2014)

My school has a program in the first-year honors program that allows students to work closely with faculty members in their research.
During my first year I was still a civil engineering major, hoping to be able to work with alternative energy sources in the future. Obvioulsy I ended up switching majors, but that's a story for another time.
Back in the year 2012, I got the opportunity to work with Dr. Nastaran Hashemi, a very talented researcher in the field of microfluidic/optofluidic devices for energy applications.

With her, I began developing a paper on "Paper-based Microfluidics for Energy Applications", which contained a thorough analysis on the potential of paper-based microfluidics to be used as small, cheap, and reliable energy sources for medical devices. A device that if correctly designed could bring drastic changes to medical care in underdeveloped countries.

As school began to tighten and my extracurriculars to increase, I decided to pass on the already hefty paper to a fellow coleague who was also working under Dr. Hashemi.
Both finished developing the paper which has been published in Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, a journal with an impact factor of 5.9.

Click here to download my school presentation on the topic.

Link to the jornal publication: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews



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