Union Pacific


Union Pacific (Summer 2014)

Technologies used: java, SQL, wicket
Note: I was not allowed to display images of my work, as they were determined to be private property of the company

In the summer of 2014 I was given the task of working with Union Pacific's information television system (ITV). The ITV is a series of television screens spread around the company, which serve to display key metrics, weather reports, and news to the employees.

At the time ITV had a few business problems; they required a way to display key metrics for each train terminal in a service unit, while allowing metrics to be continuously added to the ITV system.
There were a few difficulties in solving these problems. Each metric data was stored in many data sources, each metric data was defined in a separate ColdFusion file, and styling new metrics would require a change in many ColdFusion files.

The solution was determined to be an "automatic metric generation" project, which ended up becoming my summer project.
For such I would be required to develop a metric repository to store metrics from many data sources, provide a service to add metrics to the metric repository, provide a user interface to interact with the metrics, provide a service to generate the HTML given a template and the metrics, and allow the reuse of templates for multiple metrics.

Due to changes in the project requirement mid-summer, I ended up foccusing on the user interface and on the template engine. A user would then be able to upload a metric template and have it be displayed on the ITV screens.

My second project was dubbed the Audience-to-Device Association which enabled devices to display certain programs only to specific audiences; while also allowing greater control over what is shown and where it is shown.

This project involved database design and UI modifications, as it was basically an expansion on an already existing system.



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